Global SPC has developed the website for the Armenian-European Policy and Legal Advice Centre - Phase V (AEPLAC V) together with the company Smart Systems. During the development of this website, Global SPC has provided necessary efficient and important consultations, including those regarding the design and content of the website. Alongside with giving professional consultations, our company has organized trainings for the personnel of AEPLAC V in order to introduce the prepared website, its facilities, the electronic system for controlling the data included in the website, and also has created user / administrator manuals and instructions for its use.


The company Global SPC has taken part as an adviser of the company Smart Systems in the proceedings of the website development for the Program Management Agency of the RA Ministry of Economy within the bounds of the program “Assistance for the implementation of the programs Twinning and TAIEX”, which is carried out with the assistance of the European Commission. Together with professional suggestions concerning the text and content of the website, the company has held a seminar for the respective persons assigned in the RA state government bodies, by introducing the developed website, the electronic system for the management of the information placed in the website and the conditions for their use.


On October 21st 2009, the company Global SPC and Softline International organized the seminar “Oracle Day” in the Marriott-Armenia hotel. During the seminar were introduced the lecture “Banking IT Investment and Strategies in Rapidly Developing Countries”, and presentations on “Oracle Technology Solutions for Banking Industry” and “Oracle Financial Services Solutions”. All the organizations of financial sector (banks, credit, insurance, and investment companies, etc) took part in the seminar. For this event, a number of high-ranked representatives of the Oracle, including Eda Uluca, Bob Hroch, Peter Fuzes, Sergei Lanovenko, Olga Starovoytova and Vladimir Demkin, arrived in Armenia.


September 2009

Global SPC has signed a contract with the pharmacy network “Fetida Pharm Ltd”. The marketing department of Global SPC will design the brand and the trademark, as well as will develop the website of the company Within the bounds of collaboration, our company will conduct the marketing research of the Armenian Pharmaceutical market, in the course if which seminars and trainings will be organized.

Global SPC has concluded a contract with the American corporation “Oracle”, engaged in developing and marketing enterprise software products — particularly database management systems and ERP system. According to the contract, our company will be the Marketing Agent of the “Oracle” corporation in Armenia. With the promotion of the “Oracle” products and services in Armenia, Global SPC will organize seminars, trainings and PR-activities.

Global SPC has signed a contract on providing PR services with a well-known major British-Russian software distribution network “Axoft Ltd”. Within the bounds of the contract, Global SPC will also develop and implement the planning of relations with the public and mass media.

The well known Russian company “Softline International Ltd”, engaged in sales of licensed versions of software programs, has signed a cooperation contract with Global SPC. Our company will provide “Softline International Ltd” with legal and marketing services in order to promote the company in Armenia.

Global SPC completed the translation of the “FOURTH NATIONAL REPORT ON BIODIVERSITY OF THE REPUBLIC OF ARMENIA” (from Armenian to English) for the RA Ministry of Nature Protection. The Report is to contribute to the assessment of the achievement of the biodiversity goals (i.e. reduction in the current rates of the loss of biodiversity), as well as to support their achievement. Our translation department carried out anin-depth terminology analysis of the biodiversity field.

Global SPC successfully completed provision of financial and management advice to “Hayastan” All Armenian Fund for its commercial subsidiary (HATM LLC) engaged in construction materials manufacturing. Our team provided to the management of the Fund comprehensive report on analysis and recommendations of financial position and operations of the Company and assisted the management in starting business plan and financial projections development.

Global SPC accomplished the designing of the brand, trademark and the development of the website for the US Company “World Capital, Inc.”. The website completely complies with the standards and regulations of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA). After carrying out a relevant research, Global SPC has developed a website corresponding to the recent requirements of the market, which, besides the information about its products and services, contains also information about the financial news and recent events of the financial market.

Global SPC has concluded a contract with the famous US Corporation “Numetrics Management System Inc.” which deals with the formation of a specific package of enterprise resource planning (ERP). Along with the assistance to the registration of the Armenian branch office, our company will also provide with accounting and legal service package.

In March Global SPC introduced to the business and other interested groups of society the research, entitled “Alternative View of Financial Crisis”, which highlights various views on the USA 2008 financial crisis. Studying public data and analyzing facts, it presents validity of the crisis prerequisites and introduces a reader alternative view to the real situation existing at the financial market.

Together with Smart Systems company Global SPC CJSC introduced new website of the Republic of Armenia Notification Agency of the World Trade Organization. It has broadened website’s capabilities, developed new, more convenient and logic, structure and WTO-style design. Moreover, Global SPC has significantly enriched and updated website’s content. The website has also the opportunity to organize online forums and subscribe to the Agency’s news.

In January 2009 according to an agreement signed with the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Armenia Global SPC CJSC published “Doha Development Agenda” and “Trade in Services” books. The books highlight the process of negotiations, submitted documents and suggestions and main provisions of the WTO General Agreement on Trade in Services respectfully. Special attention was given to the issues of the Republic of Armenia. The books were prepared by Global SPC’s local and foreign experts and distributed among all interested parties of the society.





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